You can’t sell a Porsche if you cycle to work – Getting the Sale

We have seen huge changes in the sales process over the years. It started with relationship selling, then moved on to solution selling. Following this was process selling…. but the internet changed all that.

Now the buyer is in control, they rarely have time for relationships, already know our product, services and costs, so don’t need us to give them a solution. They also shy away from process step by step selling as they already know what they need, when they need it and where they can find it.

If we are still using sales methods of 15 years ago, we will be missing many opportunities.

Organization’s now have three sales forces:

The traditional sales force – they need to be versed in new sales techniques, understanding the psychology of buying (rather than selling) and moving from left brain to right brain sales strategies. They also need to be well versed with the latest opportunities of finding clients, including LinkedIn, Advanced Google searches and Twilert.

The unrecognized sales force – this is everyone in your organization who believes that they are not in sales yet interact with clients daily. By developing a customer rather than operational focus and giving them the correct skills, you will have more ‘sticky’ customers that will stay with your organization because of the superior service

The unseen sales force – these are the potential clients that you don’t even know are looking for what you can offer. If you are not on the first page of Google (for a search term, not your company name), don’t feature prominently on LinkedIn and are not having conversations on the social media channels where your clients ‘hang out’, you will be missing massive opportunities. Smart companies are now using advanced online strategies like ‘remarketing’ and ‘embedded pixels’ with potential clients that have visited their website.

This presentation shares strategies and real-life case studies of the successful companies that have adopted the new sales world and what your company could do to optimize your sales opportunities.

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John O' Sullivan

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