Video Marketing Secrets for Business

Frank has mastered the art of internet video with over 750 videos on YouTube and over a four million views and 7,000 subscribers. He will share how you can use video to sell services, products and build your brand.


This presentation focuses on practical and useable video marketing ideas. There are numerous ideas and strategies that Frank uses. He is a consultant to a number of large organisations and has helped them to increase branding, exposure and sales using video marketing.

Frank Furness

What will be covered:

  • How to use video for branding, attracting buyers & closing more sales
  • The essential 8 steps of successful sales videos
  • How to make low cost, high impact videos
  • The emergence of LinkedIn as a video platform (10 times more views than Facebook or YouTube)
  • How videos can get you to the first page of Google searches
  • Why you should be using live streaming video and how it can boost business
  • How to craft power video testimonials
  • The power of stories and music in videos
  • How successful companies are using video for marketing & sales
  • The right equipment and software
  • The 3 essential elements of a successful video
  • 13 Types of video for business
  • Creating the sales video & an example of one video that moved a company from $17,000 annual turnover to $30 million
  • The 15 ranking factors to get seen on YouTube
  • How to use Green screen effectively
  • Setup and customise your channel on YouTube
  • The power of video email
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