Speakers Bootcamp

Find out how Frank

  • Has spoken in 69 Countries over the past 5 years
  • Made over 250 Transatlantic flights to speak to clients globally
  • Made $50k from his first audio series
  • Generated income of £100k in one month
  • Arranges speaking tours to Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Australia each year
  • Was voted top speaker for Vistage UK in 2007, Vistage Australia in 2014 and Vistage Florida in 2015
  • Creates new speaking niches and territories (starting from scratch 10 years ago, Frank now has an established business in the USA)

Frank Furness is not only a marvellous, successful professional speaker, he knows all the insiders information about speaking globally. If you are dreaming and planning to become an international speaker, you will treasure and benefit from every word. I wish I had Frank’s great ideas before I made my first international presentations. It always pays to get expert advice from a successful expert who has been down the trail before you.

Dottie Walters CSP, International Speaker, Author, Consultant Publisher/Editor: SHARING IDEAS MAGAZINE, 23rd year President, Walters International Speakers Bureau Publisher International Directory of Speakers Bureau’s Founder: International Association of Speaker Bureau Owners

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Frank Furness embarked on a full time speaking career in 1997

Since that time he has spoken in 69 Countries around the world and continues to secure international speaking assignments. Most of the engagements are self generated and Frank has become a master of networking and identifying opportunities. He runs his speaking career as a professional business.

He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the Past President of the Professional Speakers Association of UK and in 2011 was inducted to the Speakers Hall of Fame.

He was also one of the first recipients of the CSP Global designation.

When Frank started his speaking career, he spent a lot of wasted time floundering around and trying to find out how to market himself.

Over the years he has developed professional relationships with some of the best marketers and speakers in the world and learnt from them.


Two hours of personal coaching time with Dottie Walters cost Frank $500 and the advice he received resulted in his first audio course order for £35,000.

Over the last twenty years he has established clients that are amongst the largest Blue Chip Companies in the world.

His clients also include the British Olympic & Paralympic Team and Sport England.

Sponsorship and arranging his own speaking tours has contributed to his success and international exposure.

Frank has now run numerous successful bootcamps on every continent and the delegates are raving.

With the ideas learned on the bootcamp, one delegate secured 11 speaking assignments in the week following. The idea of a BOOTCAMP originates in America where Frank has attended them and experienced the positive results.

A BOOTCAMP is a weekend of intensive learning and action planning. The first day of BOOTCAMP will concentrate on the speaking and platform skills, while the second day concentrates on marketing, products and running a business.

Franks revolutionary approach to using technology and social media to promote himself has resulted in him dominating the first page of Google for the search term ‘sales technology speaker’. His 1,000 videos on his YouTube Sales Tips channel has resulted in many booking, sales and done wonders to build his brand.

He also has 30,000 (the maximum) connections on LinkedIn which he now uses as his main marketing platform.


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Frank will be shariing these marketing strategies on day two of the bootcamp

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Bootcamp Testimonials

“The course was awesome. You demystified the mysticism surrounding professional speaking and yourself while enhancing your character, strength of personality and generosity of spirit. I have rarely seen anything like it in business. It was humbling and awe inspiring.

Your techniques were from an incredible level of experience. You are a master speaker but also a master at getting work. A hundred books could not have done what you did in two days – show me how to make money from speaking. You also showed me how to have fun at the same time.”

David Thomas
Professional Speaker
International Grandmaster of Memory
World Memory Champion Medallist

“The bootcamp is a great, exhausting, intellectual work out and marketing gym. I am focused, excited and ready for the race. Thanks a million, Frank”

Bob Harvey

“What a fantastic bootcamp you put together and ran. I think any person who is seriously wanting to speak for a living needs to attend. I for one, received a huge amount of outstanding ideas and strategies”

Keith Banfield

“It was nothing short of awesome”

Craig Goldblatt

“I cannot find enough superlatives for your bootcamp. It did more for me than attending the National Speakers Association convention in Dallas last summer. I feel I have been taken to the next level and beyond.”

Shay McConnon

“The Bootcamp was awesome! Your presentation skills, knowledge and openness combined to deliver a great two days. I’m already underway with my 67 point ‘action list’ I developed whilst listening to you and the others.”

Paul Fletcher – Professional Speaker

“I came to Frank’s bootcamp as a successful speaker, TV & radio presenter and media journalist. I left with seven pages of notes & an understanding that I still had a great deal to learn. Wow!”

Michael Jackson – TV & radio presenter