The New World of Sales

new world of sales

With the advent of Covid, the world of sales has changed dramatically.

For the time being (we hope), traditional face to face meetings, networking and many other ways of meeting new contacts has been limited.

But there are great opportunities, and so many businesses are doing better than ever before as they have grasped the opportunity and pivoted.

Here are some of the changes that have made them successful…

Working from home is the new normal and what that means is:

H – Habits

O – Optimizing.

M – Mobility

E – Establishing Expertise.

Habits – it is so easy to fall into bad habits working from home. Either becoming lazy and getting a late start or working way harder than you ever would in an office. Our habits should include…

  • Physical – doing regular exercise.
  • Mental – reading, learning & self-development.
  • Emotional – Connecting on a regular basis with family and friends.

O – Optimizing.

Work – Creating a working environment that you enjoy.

I decided to sell up in London and moved to the Norfolk coast where I wake up each day looking at the ocean.

I also decided to make my office something that I enjoyed and have my full percussion setup, my electric drum kit, my guitars and saxophones right there for when I want to take a break. Watch the video at

Website – I took the opportunity to update my website using the wonderful skills of Peter Smith at Link Digital as well as investing in Yoast Professional for the SEO with the help of top experts Sue & Herb Kelly. Let me know what you think

M – Mobility – most people are now using their phones to look at website, do searches and make purchases.

sales technology speaker
sales technology speaker

Is your website mobile friendly, check it at or with Google?

E – Establishing Expertise.

Using social media and especially LinkedIn, you can now post about your products or services to establish your expertise  and attract new clients.

Here are some ideas you can use in the new world of sales:


  • Optimize your profile for SEO. Look at mine
  • Since Microsoft bought LinkedIn a few years ago, it has become a major force for SEO. Do a search for ‘sales technology speaker’ wherever you are in the world and you will see that I dominate the first page and the two major players are LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Post regularly, the more you post the more the algorithms will get you seen. Always start your post with a question or statement in capitals. You have 1300 characters, use them all and finish with a question so people reading will have something to comment on
  • Have a variation of posts that include polls, videos, PDFs (LinkedIn love these)
  • Always include hashtags to attract the right audience.
  • Always have a purpose or end goal for your post (a call to action)

Take a look at my online course on LinkedIn –

YouTube – Google owns YouTube, so by uploading videos regularly, you once again stand a chance of getting free SEO. Here are some tips:

  • Know which tags or keywords you want to optimize.
  • Include these in three places, the title, description and tags. If you want to see some examples take a look at my channel – and subscribe
  • Post at least 3 times a week
  • Once you post, share the video on all your social channels.

Here are some free resources:

Podcasts – So many people are now listening to podcasts, so share your expertise on this platform. I have 4 podcasts for different audiences, look at

What changes have you made to sales and marketing since lock down and Covid changed our lives?

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