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Sales Success Profile - What they are Saying

"We found that the profile identified the key strengths and weaknesses of our consultants with great precision, and offered a valuable insight into individual and group training requirements"
Greg Parry, Managing Director Continental Advisory Group Belgium

"We incorporated the profile into our recruitment procedure. This immediately gave us useful feedback that we could discuss openly with the candidates. The profile has been an invaluable tool in helping us to have a more professional approach to our Industry and clients as a whole"
Martin Young, CEO Meyado International, United Kingdom & Europe

"I highly recommend the Sales Success Profile to any business that is hiring, replacing or evaluating their existing sales staff. Considering the costs involved in making the wrong choice, the Profile is an excellent tool at a very affordable price"
Tony Davies, Sales & Marketing Manager, Chambers Development Company

"The Sales Success Profile has helped us quickly identify and quantify key characteristics of successful sales employees. As a result we have saved time in the interviewing process by narrowing down our candidates. In addition, the test results has given us the information needed to better match training requirements."
Dave Ekman, President, Computerland USA

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