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Commonly encountered profiles

A Great Salesperson's Profile

This is characterized by:

  • Generally high scores overall
  • Lower scores in Polite & Courteous
  • Friendly & Warm score between Closing score and Polite & Courteous score.

This examinee exhibits a nicely balanced profile. While the scores are generally high, they are not perfect. The lower score in Polite & Courteous indicates this person is aggressive in their closing style, yet they balance this aggression with their higher Friendly & Warm score.

An individual with this profile should prove to be an asset to a company's sales team.

Non-Aggressive, Non-Closer

This is characterized by:

  • Low closing score
  • Very high Polite & Courteous
  • Very high Friendly & Warm

This individual, while being skilled in other aspects of the sales process is very often afraid to ask for the sales for fear they might offend the prospect. If the first attempt at closing fails they are reluctant to try again. These individuals are excellent candidates for training because they truly like people. They just need to learn more closing techniques. Very good for customer service positions where closing is not necessary.

Overtly Aggressive Closer

This is characterised by:

  • High closing score
  • Very low polite & courteous
  • Very low friendly & warm

This individual is extremely aggressive and will do almost anything to close the sale. They do not care whether the product or service meets the clients needs, all they care about is closing the sale. This profile is sometimes typical among telemarketers. This character will typically be characterised as 'pushy'or 'high pressure'. They are generally not good in positions where long term, repeat client business is desired. They may put pressure on themselves.

Ideal or Balanced Closer

This is characterised by:

  • High closing score
  • Significantly lower polite & courteous
  • Friendly & Warm score falls between the Closing & Polite score

This is the profile of a very skilled closer. The high closing score indicates a considerable knowledge of this skill. The lower polite & courteous score indicates that the examinee will close aggressively. However, the higher friendly and warm score indicates that they will only attempt to close when they know that the product or service meets the prospects needs. They are not perceived as pushy. They temper their aggressive style with a caring demeanour.

Burned Out

This is characterised by:

  • Low approach & Involvement and Overcoming Objections
  • High Closing Score
  • Low Polite & Courteous and Friendly & Warm

This individual sells because they can make a living at it, not because they enjoy it. They normally attempt to rush to close the sale because that's when they get their commission. They do not take time to establish rapport, thoroughly handle prospects objections, or to identify prospects needs. They usually are good at qualifying buyers because they don't waste time on someone who doesn't have the money to 'buy' what they are 'selling'.

Fear of Rejection

This is characterised by:

  • Overall Acceptable Scores
  • Low Call Enthusiasm
  • Possible low scores in Prospecting, Cold Calls and Time Management

This is a profile of an individual who has an acceptable knowledge of sales. However the low Call Enthusiasm scale indicates that they do not handle rejection well. This individual may be characterised by someone who spends too much time at the office, or looks for any excuse to cancel the appointment. If they are rejected on their first appointment, they will call it quits for the day. This person would be better suited to inside sales.

The Phony

This is characterised by:

  • High Closing Score
  • High Polite & Courteous
  • Low Warm & Friendly

This individual, while being skilled in other aspects of the sales process, is unconcerned about meeting peoples needs. Their high polite & courteous scores make them come across as 'sugar coated'. However the low Friendly & Warm indicates that they don't really care about what the prospect needs. This can be further evidenced in some profiles by low scores in Overcoming Objections & Qualifying. They don't thoroughly answer prospects concerns because they don't care. They are insincere.

Too Perfect

This is characterised by:

  • Very High Scores in every scale

This individual is a professional student of sales, not a professional salesperson. Be cautious of an individual with this profile. They may be meticulous in their appearance, and something of a perfectionist. However they place such high standards on themselves that they easily become discouraged when they are rejected. You should not rely on this profile as an indicator of sales performance.

Unskilled but Trainable

This is characterized by:

  • Generally low score
  • High scores in Polite & Courteous, Friendly & Warm.

This is a profile of an individual who generally has no sales experience. However, they like people, as is evidenced by their high scores in Polite & Courteous and Friendly & Warm. Additionally they seem to have an intuition about how to build rapport, which can be seen in their Approach & Involvement score. Their Ethics score is high, as is their Handling Problems score, which probably indicates that they know how they want to be treated by a professional salesperson.

Unskilled and Difficult to Train

This is characterized by:

  • Generally low scores overall
  • Very low scores in Polite & Courteous and Warm & Friendly

This individual is totally unskilled. It is also questionable whether they even enjoy working around other people. Liking people is not something you can train people to do. If a sales manager had to decide between a candidate that exhibited this profile or a candidate who is unskilled but trainable, the manager would be far better off selecting the trainable candidate.

Good for Inside Sales Only

This is characterized by:

  • High score in Overall Fundamental
  • Low score in Overall Comprehensive

This individual's profile indicates that they would be more successful in an internal sales position. The fundamental score is above average while the comprehensive is below average. While they could use help in Approach & Involvement, they have strong scores in Overcoming Objections, Closing and Ethics. They are aggressive closers and their Warm & Friendly score shows that they temper this with common sense.

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