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The Social Media Revolution

With ever increasing bandwidth, audio and video has created richer ways to deepen the engagement with online customers, but how much is too much? This session will explore selling to the new generation of online buyers and the importance of aligning your content and online technology to your sales and marketing strategy.  Learn the best new ways to promote your business online and the role of technology in reducing the time and workload to maintain and manage the consumer connection.

Doing Business in a Global Economy

The world has changed rapidly in the past years with organizations now having offices globally and having to work together despite cultural and social differences. The emergence of economies like India and China becoming global players has led all businesses to observe what they have done and their impact in the future. Factors that will set businesses apart in the future are: the ability to adapt to the changes in economic, social, political and technological factors, differentiation and the ability to sell value.

Selling for Fun... and Profit

It's back to basics that we tend to forget. Frank touches on all the bases needed to be a great salesperson. Entertaining, laced with many individual experiences and practical tips.

Lead... or Bleed

In today's competitive market, organisations need managers and leaders. Frank tells of the differences and what is needed for individuals to develop these skills simultaneously.

It's All About YOU

When we're born, we are all given a magic wand. Some make dreams come   true and others don't even bother to look at the wand. Listen to the   secrets of goal setting and personal development and stories of   individuals who have reached great heights.

How to Gain, Train and Maintain a Dynamic Sales Force

How do you build a great sales team? Listen to a 21-point plan that includes recruitment, attracting the right people, the office environment, managing, training and maintaining a great sales force with an exceptional team spirit.

Walking with Tigers

Research done with over 500 of the world's top sales people have resulted in this talk. Frank shares the secrets of success of these top producers as well as a 21 point plan to be more effective.

Sales and Technology - The Vital Connection

Discover the latest in technology, internet marketing, gadgetry and how this can increse effectiveness in your busines

Finding new Clients

Frank shares numerous practical and proven ideas and techniques to find new clients and business

How to Develop Multiple Sources of Income

Discover how to make money while you sleep. Frank shares ideas and techniques on product development and internet market marketing

Magical Service

How do you develop loyal clients? Frank shares ideas on how to develop a magical customer service that will have your clients referring your organisation to others. Plenty of true stories and strategies.

Speak for High Fees in Many Lands

Discover how to become a great speaker and be booked by organisations around the world.

The Art of Communication

Succesful people and organisations have discovered how to communicate effectively. Frank shares strategies on verbal and non-verbal communication that will increase productivity and relationships.


What Leaders are Saying

Sean Farnell, Partner, Client Services, Burgis & Bullock, Chartered Accountants, Scotland


"Frank Furness injects his presentations with a genuine passion for the subject bringing his message to life with real world examples drawing from blue-chip businesses he has helped to grow. Never boring and always informative Frank is one of the best speakers and trainers I have seen in a long time. Highly recommended.

Sean Farnell, Partner, Client Services, Burgis & Bullock, Chartered Accountants, Scotland

Robert Bailey, President and CEO, Abacus International Pte Ltd


CEO level delegates attending the inaugural Abacus International Online Travel Leaders Retreat rated Frank Furness as one of the most appreciated contributors at the event held in Macau on 4-6 July 2008. His presentation not only provided thought provoking new perspectives for online Travel Agencies, the delegates attending felt that many of the tactics and techniques for online marketing could be implemented almost immediately. We greatly appreciated Frank's contribution to the Retreat and with its sound mix of robust thinking and practical advice and would welcome him as a presenter at our events in the future.

Robert Bailey,  President and CEO, Abacus International Pte Ltd

Clive Chappell - Sales & Marketing Manager, MFH Group Of Companies


Just a quick message to thank you for the seminar you presented last week in Leeds.The content was one of the best (if not the best) I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.
Clive Chappell -  Sales & Marketing Manager,  MFH Group Of Companies

Anneke BRINKHUIS—European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC) - Brussels


Thank you for a job well done in Budapest. You will no doubt be pleased to hear you were rated the top speaker out of the 18 speakers. In the comments section the respondents wrote the following: motivational, very good, and relevant to all and: “it underlined the importance of people in the organisation”.
Anneke BRINKHUIS—European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC)  - Brussels

William J. Brunkhardt – President, Entrepreneurs Organisation -Kansas City


"EO-Kansas City was fortunate enough to have a long visit with Frank Furness recently. As president of the Chapter and one who attends EO events globally, I can honestly say that Frank's presentation is right on target. As entrepreneurs we must take advantage of the best time management technologies and services. Frank provides us a wealth of time management and cost saving techniques that we all can use.

Frank is charming, dynamic and full of energy... Clearly of EO calibre! I recommend him to any and all Chapters!
William J. Brunkhardt – President, Entrepreneurs Organisation -Kansas City

Ben Bennett, CEO, Infinity, Thailand


"The highlight of the Infinity Financial Solutions Sales Seminar was unquestionably the session delivered by Frank Furness entitled ‘Successful Sales Consultancy’. Our Consultants have been buzzing since this session - as well as a vastly improved sense of team spirit, individuals have identified where they were going wrong and have adopted a back to basics approach that I am sure will deliver rewards immediately. We all can't wait for the next conference and look forward to getting even more value from Frank"

Ben Bennett, CEO, Infinity, Thailand

Hans Poortvliet, Managing Director, HSMAI Holland


While working on the details of our 2008 LEADERSHIP programme, Mr. Furness was suggested to us by various people. Were they ever right! After a brief, but very pleasant and 'to the point' telephone conversation, I was fully confident that Frank was definitely 'our man'. Seen his extensive background in sales, we asked Mr. Furness to take care of the 'HSMAI Leadership in Sales' Event on March 13th 2008. Frank delivered that afternoon an upbeat, dynamic and cutting edge presentation on sales & marketing. Filled with humour, impressive facts, 'speaking' pictures and many, many practical sales tools. Afterwards he left the audience with several dedicated websites full of practical tools for their review and use. The feedback we got from our members was nothing less then superb! I therefore can only strongly advise any organization (looking for the 'latest in sales & marketing') to contact or even better: 'secure' Mr. Frank Furness for their programme.
Hans Poortvliet, Managing Director, HSMAI Holland

Ian Curran—MD THQ


Rome, - an offsite meeting with my reports -  heads of business from across the world, different nationalities, different backgrounds and different business areas. Frank conducted a half day session on day two of the three day meeting.
Frank is energised, motivated and engaging. There was no-one in the room who was not captivated by what he was saying. He had really prepared and tailored his material to fit into my required business outcomes. The whole morning was varied, interesting, moving, thought provoking and uplifting.
My team was left highly motivated for the business year ahead, driven, and armed with tools to help realise action plans. Testament to the impact of Frank’s session is that once back in the office, dealing with daily work issues, the team continues to pull on the resources and motivation gained from Frank.
I would highly recommend Frank – he is one of the best speakers I have ever had the opportunity to experience.
Ian Curran—MD THQ

Deborah Fox, Managing Director, Emerging Real Estate Ltd


A day of sales training with Frank Furness so inspired our sales team that six weeks on, and they are still enthusiastically employing his techniques.  Each sales person in the office has their goals pinned up in front of them and we have a huge poster in the office which says ‘Think Frank’.

Frank has changed the way we work – he has given us confidence to enjoy the sales pitch and to sell better and more effectively.
Deborah Fox, Managing Director, Emerging Real Estate Ltd

W Mitchell, author of, It's Not What Happen To You, It's What You Do About It


Every time I sit in Frank's audience it’s like going to the bank - AND Making a Big Deposit. What do you need to learn to fatten your bank account?
W Mitchell, author of, It's Not What Happen To You, It's What You Do About It

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