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How to develop a Powerful Salesletter
How to develop a Powerful Salesletter
By Frank Furness
I am presently developing a number of websites. My main website is great, but it also confuses people. I'm selling speaking, training, recruitment services and 42 products. One of the changes I've made is that I am now developing one page websites to promote each product. I'm not the best at doing this kind of thing, so I use a piece of software called 60 second salesletters. I fill in the gaps on the questionnaire and voila -  I have an instant one page website. I can import images, use any payment system for orders, change the colours and look. For me it is ideal because I know nothing about HTML, but can now make my own websites. Take a look at some of the websites that I have produced using 60 second salesletters:
It's a huge misconception that people don't read long salesletters. Billions of direct mail pieces have proven that people buy, in general, at a higher rate from long, benefit-laden salesletters.
While you may not personally read long salesletters, people who are honestly, genuinely interested in your product, idea, concept, or service will not only read long letters but also buy from them.
Many years ago a very famous advertising man named John Caples said "A letter can never be too long, it can only be too boring."
"60-Second Salesletters"forces you to load your salesletter with benefits. And this is what makes the copy and the letter interesting to your prospects. That's why they'll read it.
60-Second Salesletters"forces you to spell out the features and benefits of your product, with proven direct response principles plus an offer, guarantee, bonuses and so forth built right into it.
  • Create a separate letter foreachof your products or services
  • Create multiple letters(as many as you want!) for each productso you cantestto see which works best.
  • Use different letters for the same product totarget different audienceswho may be interested in the same product for different reasons
  • Develop different versions of your salesletters to use forfollow-up promotions
  • Save as many different letters as you want-- or even drafts and different versions of letters -- and organize them in your personal archives
... And more! With the ability toautomate your sales copy writing processand produce unlimited professional salesletters on demand, you can create a library of killer sales materials and watch its impact on every aspect of your business and profits.
Take a look at this great product athttp://tinyurl.com/f5r23
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What Leaders are Saying

Dave Rogers, APSA, Singapore


Frank is one of the top sales presenters in the world and he delivered his high content, high impact, high value presentation with his usual eloquence, expertise, and enterprising nature
Dave Rogers, APSA, Singapore

Paul du Toit, MD the Congruence Group


"Frank, congratulations on a great presentation on day 2 of the Dutch Convention in Amsterdam - the time always seems to whizz by when you're on stage, and your tips are always invaluable. If you had been given twice the time it probably would not have been enough. We need to get you to an upcoming convention in South Africa - and I believe nothing less than a pre-con would do you justice. Thanks and well done!"
Paul du Toit, MD the Congruence Group

Ian Curran, MD THQ


Rome, April 2008, - an offsite meeting with my reports -  heads of business from across the world, different nationalities, different backgrounds and different business areas. Frank conducted a half day session on day two of the three day meeting.

Frank is energised, motivated and engaging. There was no-one in the room who was not captivated by what he was saying. He had really prepared and tailored his material to fit into my required business outcomes. The whole morning was varied, interesting, moving, thought provoking and uplifting.

My team was left highly motivated for the business year ahead, driven, and armed with tools to help realise action plans. Testament to the impact of Frank's session, is that once back in the office, dealing with daily work issues, the team continues to pull on the resources and motivation gained from Frank.

I would highly recommend Frank - he is one of the best speakers I have ever had the opportunity to experience.

Ian Curran, MD THQ

Hans Poortvliet, Managing Director, HSMAI Holland


While working on the details of our 2008 LEADERSHIP programme, Mr. Furness was suggested to us by various people. Were they ever right! After a brief, but very pleasant and 'to the point' telephone conversation, I was fully confident that Frank was definitely 'our man'. Seen his extensive background in sales, we asked Mr. Furness to take care of the 'HSMAI Leadership in Sales' Event on March 13th 2008. Frank delivered that afternoon an upbeat, dynamic and cutting edge presentation on sales & marketing. Filled with humour, impressive facts, 'speaking' pictures and many, many practical sales tools. Afterwards he left the audience with several dedicated websites full of practical tools for their review and use. The feedback we got from our members was nothing less then superb! I therefore can only strongly advise any organization (looking for the 'latest in sales & marketing') to contact or even better: 'secure' Mr. Frank Furness for their programme.
Hans Poortvliet, Managing Director, HSMAI Holland

Carl French, Institute of Directors Herts Events Organiser


I found your talk full of exciting practical ideas delivered with infectious enthusiasm.  Everyone present must have been able to go out and increase their sales - provided they acted on something you said.

Carl French, Institute of Directors Herts Events Organiser

Harold J. Kluit, Director of Revenue & Marketing, Swissôtel Amsterdam


Last week I attended the presentation of Frank Furness and I just want to let you know that it turned out to be a super treat! This man was inspiring, fascinating, well informed and sharp. In addition to this he combined (in a very attractive & visual way!) all actual aspects regarding Sales followed by Marketing.

In short: My colleague and I have had a wonderful time! Thank you! Kind regards from the centre of Amsterdam.
Harold J. Kluit, Director of Revenue & Marketing, Swissôtel Amsterdam

Clive Chappell - Sales & Marketing Manager, MFH Group Of Companies


Just a quick message to thank you for the seminar you presented last week in Leeds.The content was one of the best (if not the best) I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.
Clive Chappell -  Sales & Marketing Manager,  MFH Group Of Companies

Paul Vittles, Director, ACNielsen Australia


“I’ve now seen Frank have an impact on three separate audiences from chief executives to people in their first sales role. He is always stimulating – with a great combination of practical sales knowledge, constant confidence-building, and an energizing presentational style”

Paul Vittles, Director, ACNielsen Australia

Joe D Adams, Chairman Group 11 & Leaders Forum 6


“Frank Furness spoke to my Academy for Chief Executives Group 11 meeting and received the highest score of the year – 9.5. Many members described this as a magical learning day and were euphoric in their praise for Frank as a speaker both from the stand point of delivery as well as content.

From my point of view, as Chairman for Group 11 and former National Sales Manager and Managing Director of Encyclopaedia Britannica, I can say with complete confidence that Frank Furness is as good as it gets when he is on the stage delivering his message to his sales orientated audience.

He is humorous, charismatic and completely knowledgeable on his subject. He is quite simply, completely professional and outstanding value.
Joe D Adams, Chairman Group 11 & Leaders Forum 6

Andreu Mateu Lamas, CEO, Dreams and Adventures, Spain


You are the king of the Easy, effective and on a shoe string marketing online.

Andreu Mateu Lamas, CEO, Dreams and Adventures, Spain

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